Chi Sato aka Mochi Baby

Hi there, I'm Chi! I am an Atlanta-based artist and I have been working for Floyd County Productions going on nine years now! I graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta in 2009, and two weeks after graduation, I found myself working on the first season of FX Network's first animated series, Archer

After working as an illustrator since season one, I became the character designer for Archer in seasons three and four, which was basically when we created that department. As the scripts and episodes were getting bigger and more detailed, we realized that we needed to make this department to really start designing our characters thoughtfully. I was responsible for creating new characters, outfits, and props.

After working on Archer's designs, I moved onto starting up the character design department for our new series Chozen. I was credited with being a "character director" for this show, as I was responsible for starting up the department, hiring new artists, and refining the early designs to be more animation friendly. The demand for this show from our department also grew, because we were moving more into 2D frame animation, a little different from how Archer is animated. We were not only responsible for new characters, new outfits, and props, but also creating turnaround drawings for our characters as needed, for the animation department.

Over the years, I've worked on numerous and various different projects with Floyd County, not limited to just Archer and Chozen work. Please feel free to browse my work throughout the site! : )


Archer - Season 1 - 9
Illustrator/Character Designer

Chozen - Season 1
Character Director/Designer

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia animated episode short - "The Gang Saves The Day" (100th episode)
Character Designer/Preproduction Manager

The League animated episode short - "Adios y Bienvenidos"





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